3D Sublimation Vacuum Machine for Phone Cases

3D Sublimation Machine for Mobile Phone Case
Introducing the newest 3D Sublimation Machine designed for Mobile Phone Cases. New model of vacuum heat press machine that suitable for your business and for all DIYers.


Personalized your Mobile Phone Cases with Exquisite appearance, fashion type.
Reliable quality and stainless steel heating tube. It has digital temperature control,
one key to finish. Suitable for all the sublimation phone cases, you just need the necessary phone case mold.


Product Name :3D Film Sublimation Heat Press Phone Case Machine
Model :ST-2030
Voltage :100V /220V (50HZ-60HZ)
NW :5.8kg
Power :800W
Voltage :100V / 220V
Printing Size: 200*300*20mm
Packing Size :200*300*20mm
Vacuum Pump :150W
Max vacuum :-640mmHg
Pressure :-0.06~0.07Pa
Supply color :white/black


  • 3D digital Heat Press
  • Make 3D Phone Case
  • For transferring curved item
  • Use for 3d film.