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Why is DIY Printing superior to others?

DIY Printings is the leading supplier of digital printing needs in the Philippines. We offer a group of products which consists Goods as well as Services. We provide printing services such as T-shirt Printing and many other sublimation printing services and also goods like T-Shirt Heat Press Machine, plain colorful t-shirts, Mug press Machine, 3D Phone cover making kit and much more. The company was established on 2010 and have been providing superior service to its customer ever since. We value customer satisfaction above all duties.

Now, let us come to the question, why be DIY Printings Superior to others? The following given points will bring light to this question:

1. Numerous Digital Printing and Sublimation Services:

DIY Printings offers a wide range of amazing printings services starting from the t-shirt printing services to ID lace printings and from 3D Sublimated Crystal printings to Drum Pen Stickers.

2. Offers numerous Products:

DIY Printings along with its many printing services also offers various products such as t-shirt heat press machine, mug press machine, 3D phone case printing packages, 3D sublimation printing packages and much other product which soothes the production of different things.

3. Produces Plain T-shirts:

DIY Printings is also a manufacturer or Palin t-shirt. These t-shirts are of various different colors and of various styles and fabrics. Such as I-tech round neck t-shirts, I-tech Polo t-shirts.

4. Offers Resell of plain T-shirts:

We not only produce t-shirts for printing purpose but also selling them to their respective dealer for reselling purpose either for further sale or manufacturing (designing)

5. Customer Satisfaction is our First Priority:

We at DIY Printings takes care of our customer to the fullest. We assure that we could bring a smile to all faces that steps into our door. We value consumer satisfaction over anything, maintaining superior quality products and meeting customer requirements.

We just don’t promise to promise you but we keep our promises. If you still doubt, try us by giving an opportunity to serve you with our best. We assure you in advance that you will get the best printing solution is the market.


Importance Of Quality Consumables For Printings

Every individual and business need printing solutions from time to time. People often rely on printing services for their printing need. Many individual sticks to the several online printing services providers from time to time, as per their budget and requirements. Many prefer to have a particular printing agency, while a proportion of people, prefers to have a personal printing kit for doing their printing at ease.

Many online printing services provide customized printing along with personal printing kits for customized printings. These printing services also provide consumables along with their usual products. Unlike the hardware, the consumables run out after a specific period of time after which it needs to be refilled for a steady flow of printing.

What Are Consumable?

whenever a printing arrives. It is delivered with at least one set of ink installed in it. This is called consumables, the product that gets consumed with usage and needs a re-installation with a new file of ink. Other consumables are the paper and fabric that comes along with the kit for user experience. Many online printing services offer these consumables, let it be papers, fabrics, and mainly inkjets.

Why Is Superior Quality Of Consumables Important?

Several printing services, let it be through an online store or shopping stores, offer consumables. These consumables are available in a wide range of the process. Many people stick with cheap consumables, thinking a quality printer would produce fine printing with any quality of ink. This is exactly opposite of the truth.

A good quality machine needs good quality ink as well for performing well. A superior quality ink is specially formulated and tested in order to produce best quality images. It also enhances the printer’s shelf life and improvises the maintenance cost of the same.

Consumables of DIY Printings:

Like any leading online printing service, at DIY Printings, we offer 100 percent genuine consumables. It includes ink for each and every printing kit we offer. These go perfectly tot he machine, that we manufacture and provide. Also, its superior quality makes the final result much attractive and fine.

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Step by Step Process To Use A Pin Button Press Machine

The present market is a Graphic World. Whether it is t-shirts and clothes or printed mugs, phone case, printed pin-button, bottles etc. Creative graphics have won the market effectively. Many Philippines Companies are making a profit through their printing business. If we talk about Pin button Press machine, there are various brands available in the market. For making Pin buttons you would not just need a pin button press machine but also a couple of other equipment such as following things:

1. Button Maker
2. Design Paper Cutter
3. Button Design
4. Mylar
5. Pin Backs
6. Button Shells

Step 1:

Get your design ready. You can buy your ideal design from the same shop, you bought other equipment from or any other crafts store or you may also print your own personalized design.

Step 2:

Cut the design as per the size of your buttons either with scissors or with the help of the paper cutter.

Step 3:

Now take a blank button shell and place it in the left compartment of the swing button press facing upwards.

Step 4:

Now place the cut-out design properly on the button shell facing upwards and then place a single sheet of Mylar on it.

Step 5:

Now take a pin back and place it in the right compartment of the button press facing the pin side downwards.

Step 6:

Now swing the left compartment under the press position and press the machine with the help of the handle.

Step 7:

Now, don’t panic by not having the pin at its place. Without being a detective swing the right compartment underneath the press position and press again. This time you will find it complete in a single piece.

What DIY offers to its customers?

DIY Printings offer various printing services such as T-shirt printing services, mug printing services, 3D Sublimation services, ID Card Lace printing services, Pin Buttons making and not only this, they also sell various products such as Heat press machine, mug press machine, and other complementary equipment required in their production.

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Products That People Don’t Know Are Sold By The DIY Printing

DIY Printing is renowned because of its Digital printing services as you may know t-shirt printing services and other sublimation services etc. If you DIY Printings little bit more, it also sells products such heat press, mug press, sublimation kits etc. But the exciting things are, there are some products which are sold by the same that is usually unknown to the people. List of those things are given below:

1. 3 in 1 Diy Printing Puncher


2. Portable Mini Handy Cash Bill Money Currency Counter Machine


3. Bubble Wrapbubble-wrap1-273x3484. CISS Kit for Brother PrinterBrother-CISS5. Epson L360 Ink Tank System Color 3-in-1 Printer (Print, Scan, Copy, Manual Duplex, One Touch Scan & Copy)

Epson L360 Ink Tank System Color 3-in-1 Printer

6. 3D 11oz MUG CLAMP By Diy Printing

Not just there are a lot more goodies at our shelves but for knowing that you have to come to visit us. One destination for all your printing needs.

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DIY Services Have Given Us A New Hope

In our recent valuation, we came across an overwhelming message from an autonomous stating about how their business took a boost with the help of our products. It is what we heard from them.

‘I and my wife commenced our printing business back 15 years ago in a small town, which was later joined by our daughter and son. Back then everything was handmade. Customers used to visit us from faraway places for my wife’s handcrafted artworks on pots and mugs, utensils which were inherited to both my children. Everything was well and good until the emergence of modern technology. As every detailing was done with our bare hands, it consumed so much time. People started looking for a quicker alternative, our business went into depression. We were almost about to give up on our business when my son told us about the modern equipment used by the other rivals. As we were new to this things so, we were unconscious about their configuration or utility. Randomly when we went to DIY Printings as one of the other stores to avail machinery. As we enter the stores we were so confused about whom to talk and what to ask but soon a gentle guy approached us, and we frankly spoke out our issues and needs. I was amazed to see such a humble personality since ages. He not only introduced us to every equipment we would require but also trained us free of cost of how to operate those machines. Not only just this, they also helped us with various techniques to promote our business and bring in more customers. After the gap of few months, our business was back on track, we got back our loyal customers back with interest. Now we produce the double unit of what we did before. Our family is really grateful to them. Thank you!”

Isn’t it the best earning? We have also received another review on Google stating about her feelings which is given below:

‘In Philippines, DIY Printing is a remarkable supplier of printing machines. Last month, I thought to start a small business during my leisure time. I decided to begin my own phone case printing business. Thus, I was looking for a good machine within a comfortable budget. I visited the online store of DIY Printing and ordered a suitable product according to my demand. Actually, it was a package, named 3D Phone case printing package.

If you are planning a small business just like me, I can suggest you purchase and use the products of DIY Printing and you will realize whether you are in profit or loss.”
The numbers of happy customers are still in the count and there are many more happy faces to make. Well, if you are in doubt, try us out. DIY Printings will make sure that you complete your deal with a wide smile on your face.

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Step By Step Manual To Operate Mug printing Machine

The present market is a Graphics World. Whether it is t-shirts and clothes or printed mugs, phone case, printed pin-button, bottles etc. creative graphics have won the market effectively. Many Philippines Companies are making a profit through their printing business. If we talk about Mug press printing machine there are a various brand available in the market. For a Mug printing business, you will not only seek Mug printing machine but some other equipment to carry out the work conveniently.
Once you have collected all the required equipment, it is time to put them to their work. Remember, as this mugs are very delicate you should work very carefully. Even a slight excessive heat can break your mugs. The step by step procedure is given below:

Step 1

Create the graphic design on your computer that you want to print. You can also purchase the pre-printed designs from the supplier or crafts store.

Step 2

Print the graphic on a sublimation paper with the help of the inkjet printer at your place. Make sure that you have the correct printer. Ask the Heat press Suppliers for suggestions and better knowledge.

Step 3

Once you have the print, done now, place the paper cut on the mug and held it in its place by applying the thermal tape on its corners. This step must be carried out carefully as many time beginners’ places them wrong and complain others. (Ensure that the paper and the mug is fully dry before applying)

Step 4

Now once you are done with mug preparation, now preheat the press machine on 100° C for 10-12 seconds. Once the machine is pre-heated place the mug carefully in the mug frame and press the machine firmly and set it on 325° for 4 minutes. Remember temperature and timing vary from machine to machine. Consult your supplier for more information.

Step 5

Once the timer is off, take out the mug and leave it for 5 minutes, then remove the thermal tapes and peel off the paper on the mug.
And there you have it, your first self-printed mug. Now you are all set to start your merchandise of creative printed mugs. Although, if you lack equipment and wondering where to avail from. You can avail them from the various available Heat Press suppliers. Many suppliers also sell them in packages which are much beneficial than purchasing them individually.
Basic Tees DiY Printing
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Get Quality Plain T-shirts From The House Of DIY Printing

As the youth never ceases to experiment with fashion and trend, it is no wonder that the sales of T-shirt printing machines are sky high these days. Whether it is for a reunion, a get-together, cheering your favorite team or simply to stand alone in the crowd, the customized t-shirts always are called out.

In case, you are trying to earn some extra cash or wants to own a wardrobe with everything unique in it, having a personal T-shirt printing machine is absolutely compulsory. But there is one other thing that is equally decisive in making a good quality T-shirts. That is obviously the plain t-shirts.

There are several places you can get plain t-shirts from, but getting a quality shirt will ensure the printing will work best and stay in the state for a longer time period. At DIY printing, we are offering a range of plain t-shirts. These are named as follows –

It is made up of 65 % cotton and 35 % poly cotton. It comes in sizes, medium, large and extra large.

T-Shirt Round Neck

Just like the previous set, these t-shirts are made up of 65 % cotton and 35 % poly cotton. it comes in sizes extra small, small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large.


It is made up of 100 % polyester material, and it absorbs moisture, as soon as it appears. Thereby making it an ideal wearable for sport and workout.

All these materials, irrespective of their own features are superior in quality and ideal for getting customized printing on it. The presence of very buttons (none in case of polo and dri shirts) makes the job even easier and effective. The material of the t-shirts ensure that the printing can be done smoothly, and moreover, the maintenance after the printing is not a gigantic task either.

Thus, whenever you need to purchase plain t-shirts for printing, come to us for the most superior product you are going to ever find in the market.

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Silhouette Cameo Package – DIY Printings

We commenced this business with a vision to be the best supplier of digital printing business here in the Philippines. Since then, we have given our immense effort to obtain full consumer satisfaction and still stepping forward to achieve more. We value consumer satisfaction above all.

At DIY Printings, we are not only known for our overwhelming printing service quality but also for the supplies of products, packages, and customer service we provide. Here, we have different products to create different printing purpose such as heat-press machine, 3D sublimation machine, mug press machine and so on. We also offer different business packages which are a combination of different products required to create prints on a particular object. These packages were made with an intention to offer people who want start their own printing line.

We offer packages such as 3D phone case printing package, Heat press package, 3D sublimation Business package, CUYI cutter plotter business package, ID Lanyard heat Press package and so forth. In this blog, we have given a brief information regarding the Silhouette Cameo Package including its products and description.

Silhouette Cameo Package is a t-shirt printing package which includes all the equipment required to make an imprint on t-shirts. It consists of the following tools:

1. 1 Epson L120

Enjoy superb savings and page yield with an all-in-one printer that’s perfect for your home, office or new business. The Epson L120 ink tank system printer brings speedy performance with low running costs to all your personal and work projects.

2. 1 Generic Heat Press 38×38cm

Here, in this package, any generic heat press machine 38×38cm is included. It could of any renowned brand that we deal with or supply. These brands could be CUYI or Bizzle Sen38.
The image given below is of CUYI Heat Press 38×38

3. 1 Silhouette Cameo Plotter

The Silhouette Cameo cutter Plotter has the ability to cut vinyl, heat applied for transfers, and also cut pre-printed designs from your desktop printer makes the Silhouette CAMEO perfect for your mobile sign applications, customized apparel, and takeaways at kiosks, plus more. Connects to your computer, allowing you the freedom to cut all your fonts, download thousands of designs from the Silhouette Online Store, or design shapes of your own with the included software.

4. 1 PVC Vinyl Transfer

Vinyl Heat Transfer (regular PVC) is good for laminating tools, t-shirts, and consumables. In this package, you are offered only one piece of color. Although, we have a wide range of colorful and graphical PVC vinyl transfer.

5. 1 38×38 Teflon Sheet

It helps to repel direct contact of heat on the surface of the fabric, as direct extreme heat can burn it.

6. 4 Sinergy Pigment Ink 100ml

Pigment inks are generally better-suited to printing on slicker surfaces, such as transparencies and stickers. They are also a little more expensive to produce and their colors are not near as brilliant as with dyes. If you art printing an important image/document that you want to last for a long time, pigment inks are your best bet. If you’re are looking for bright color at lower cost, dye ink may be a better fit for you.

Therefore, these are the products you will get in the Silhouette Cameo Package, which will enable you to avail it in one single destination, saving time and money as well. It is a perfect match for you to start a small printing business line.