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Why New Year Gifting Is Important

New Year is the time when everyone becomes so cheerful, not just because it’s a start of another year, but this time we get to meet our loved ones and get to celebrate with the people we don’t get to see the whole year. This celebration is incomplete without exchanging gifts and choosing a gift from digital printing business is the latest trend.

Every year, exchanging gifts has become a tradition. But as each new year comes, you have to think what new gift you can give to your family, friends, and colleague because so that it does not resemble the gift you’ve given them last year. What about this year then? Is it the same dilemma? Why not choose something from digital printing business this year?

Digital printing business has become very widespread gifting option these days. Normal gifts are there, like, showpiece, soft toys, books and so many things, but these customized gifts are more thoughtful. The receiver will know that your best thoughts are woven into them and they will love it.

There are so many options you can choose from. Such as,

Personalized T-Shirts

Who doesn’t like T-Shirts! We buy T-Shirts for casual wear, and we love it. Some people even buy T-Shirts in bulk. So, obviously, you can give customized T-shirts to friends who are in love with T-Shirts. You can personalize them by printing something that your friends will definitely like. Your friends will be moved by your thoughtfulness.

Customized Mugs

Whether its coffee, tea or hot chocolate, mugs are always appreciated by almost everyone. Most of us like to adorn our shelves with pretty mugs. So, it can be a great gift too. You can print the joint picture of your and your friend’s on the mug and it will become a great memory.

Cushion cover

Cushion covers are very thoughtful gifts too. All you need to choose the picture you want to print on the blank covers. Your loved ones will appreciate your thinking.

3D crystal photos

Crystals with customized pictures printed on it will be a fine gift. It will be a catchy thing to decorate the shelves with. Anyone who will receive this gift will be delighted to have it.

These gifts are really thoughtful. It will be the complete change in your gift-giving tradition. It will always reflect that you have thought about the person before giving the gifts to them.

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T-Shirt Heat Press Machine
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10 Cool Ideas for New Year T-shirts

New year is here and we are all very excited to exchange gifts all over again. But instead of sticking to the same, old gifting ideas, why not pick something extraordinary thus time. Well, you don’t need to spend a fortune on it, if you know from where to make purchase. Few blank T-shirts and a t-shirt heat press machine are all you need for the same.

Not sure, how cool it would look?

Take a look at these 10 trendy styles and see for yourself.

T-Shirts Printing Philippines

1.A simple message to convey the new year spirit.

T-Shirts Printing Philippines2.Carry the fireworks of new year along with you!

T-Shirts Printing Philippines

3.A T-shirt that is good enough for Christmas and new year and to express your love for cats as well.

T-Shirts Printing Philippines

4.Party all night and party all day with this cool customized T-shirt.

T-Shirts Printing Philippines

5.Why getting separate T-shirts for Christmas and Hanukkah? Get one that serves them both.

T-Shirts Printing Philippines

6.Party t-shirt charged with party spirit!

T-Shirts Printing Philippines

7.Made your way not only through 2012 but along 2017 as well! This calls out for an announcement for sure.

T-Shirts Printing Philippines

8.Want to honor your special best friend. Do it this year with this cool T shirt.

T-Shirts Printing Philippines

9.Get a rocky start to this new year.

T-Shirts Printing Philippines

10.Who says you can’t have a special effect on T-shirts?

Now that you are lost in the charisma of cool customized T-shirts. Get one for each of your friends and family.

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digital printing business
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4 Affordable Gifting Options For New Year

New Year gifts are all we look forward to. This time of the year we want to do something special so that our loved ones will remember them the whole year. What could be the best gift except for gifts from getting customized accessories done from digital printing business!

There are so many options that you can choose from a gift. Digital printing business brings you the opportunity to show the thoughtfulness of yours to the person you want to give gifts.

First comes in this context is T-Shirts. They are very useful for casual wear. Some designs will help you to put a New Year message on a T-Shirt.


Like this one. It has the message of New Year party and glee.


This one a clear wish of 2018.


Dog lovers will love this one.

Mug printing comes in the second spot for this purpose. We all love hot drinks like, coffee and tea or even for decorating purpose, these mugs are our favorite.

Here are some samples that you can ideas from.

coffee mug

This toddler picture will make your day better.

coffee mug

Family picture on the mug makes it more special.


Glitter, everywhere. This New Year, sparkle. This design is the sign of it.

Another gift option that you can only give to your close ones, a customized phone case. Almost everyone has it, so why not give it as a gift to someone who is really close to you, and you know what phone they use.

phone case

This one is a unique piece.



This old telephone style design will be a nice change too.


Glitter cases are so popular among teenagers. They will love this one.

Crystal photo engraving is one of the decent things to give as well.


You can print wedding pictures.


A family picture will be perfect.


A heart shape that you can use to print any photo or message on it. How about a New Year one!

These gifts are best for New Year. The receiver will know your thoughts and will definitely appreciate it.

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3D Phone Case Printing Kit Product Review

Phone cases are a common thing people use these days. You yourself must have one or two mobiles that have cases behind them. This digital printing business is flourishing everywhere and becoming the favorite of people.

We want our smartphones to look good and catchy, as we bought them with that kind of price. In order to keep it functional and trendy, what don’t we do! For the safety, we use tempered glass on them and apply a sturdy cover on the back to avoid any damage. Some of us are really picky about this cover thing. We like personalized ones for a better aesthetics and in order to reflect some of our choices through these. Digital printing business has made that much easier these days.

Thanks to digital printing personalized, phone cover customization has become easier. You can make your desired phone cover all by yourself as well. All you need is a 3D phone case printing kit and you’re set to print whatever picture you want to print in your phone case.

Let’s talk about the features of the machine itself

  • It takes A4 size papers.
  • Prints two cases at a time.
  • Uses heat aviation technology
  • Control the heating temperature
  • Gives the best effect on the picture
  • The inside temperature stays at 180 degrees but the outer is 50 degree. It’s really safe.
  • The voltage is 110v to 220v


The 3D phone case printing kit is a very lightweight appliance and it will be a perfect fit in a home.

It comes with the following inclusions

  • 1 unit L120 with 4 bottles German sublimation ink
  • 1 unit 3D phone sublimation machine
  • 10 pieces blank case of any model
  • 1 piece thermal tape
  • 1 pack tech sublimation paper.

This kit is really user-friendly, eco-friendly, and affordable. This is one of the easiest ways to get a perfectly customized phone case.

t-shirt printing
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The Importance of Promotional T-Shirt Giveaway

If you own a business, whether it is large or small, you will definitely want to advertise your product. T-Shirts are one of the cheapest product that can be used in special events in your company as corporate giveaway. These shirts offer a blank canvas where the company logo or the slogan of a campaign can be put there with the company’s name.

Promotional gifts like this are given by the companies because they want people to have these as souvenirs which have their company name and logo on them for marketing and advertising purpose. Promotional T-Shirts are very useful when the companies has some sponsored events. It has been seen that promotional T-Shirts or embroidered polo shirts are given to the people who comes first to the venue or who signs up at the booth that the company has there.

These T-Shirts are very useful for advertising purpose since these have company logo and name and some other details on them so everyone can see them whenever people wear them. T-Shirts are simple clothing style that has a body, two short sleeves and a simple V-neck or round neck. There are some corporate manufacturing company that offers more than a simple shirt for your promotional requirements.

There are T-Shirts which have a pocket on the left side of the chest for the logo to be embroidered there, there are T-Shirts of more than one color also gender and age appropriate shirts to consider. Most of the companies who manufactures promotional items, generally offer low prices as they order in bulk. Some of them also offer freebies with their products like logos and company names if only order in bulk.

Many companies use promotional giveaway to advertise their products or to spread awareness. Various products are used to do so, but T-Shirts are the most popular among other products, because they can be used in many ways. These not only help in marketing but also to make employees feel that they are important enough. Customized T-Shirts are guaranteed to help your business flourish from many ways. So that’s why these products are chosen to be used as marketing tools because they have been proven reliable and effective.

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Mug Printing How Prevalent These Days

Nowadays, drinking coffee is a trend and somehow has landed as a fashion quotient. People mostly hovering around for coffee, to relieve themselves from stress due to something or the other. So, with the trend of coffee drinking, here comes the fascination for coffee mugs and the role of mug press machine.

People are working hard every day of their lives, stress and tension are increasing for the pressured work life. So, coffee has become essential mostly for the people who work tirelessly.

There are different types of coffee mugs that are trending these days:

Promotional coffee mugs:

Sometimes, employers present their employees with promotional coffee mugs, just to re-energize them a little. On the other hand, distributing promotional coffee mugs is a way of advertising the company itself.

Coffee mugs as gifts:

Someone’s birthday, promoting any events are just the occasions where coffee mugs can be given as gifts. It’s very decent and pocket-friendly gift for these kinds of events which people also appreciate. These coffee mugs can also be personalized, as for the person’s liking and lifestyle.

Now, coming to the mug printing business, which is really a popular business nowadays. It’s a very profitable one too. This business can be started with a heat transfer machine or a mug press machine. Once established, it can grow into a nice gift business. As people are liking personalized things more and more into their lives, the printing businesses are always a hot selling one.

The reason mug printing business is speeding towards more popularity:

  • The business can start with very low investment, but the ultimate turnout of this business is really profitable.
  • These mugs are both in demand on the professional grounds also for personal needs too. So it generally gets more sales and with that comes profit.
  • This business doesn’t take up much space to start. The mug printing machine is just to be installed and the business it’s ready to start. Also with that, a little bit advertising of the new business is required. Which can be done online pictures of the products one intends to sell or by fliers.

There are many online and local places where a person can make a personalized coffee mug. They can give the design idea of the pattern or picture that would be printed on the mug with the help of mug press machine.

Sublimation Printing machine
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Benefits of Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is a very common mode of digital printing business these days. All you need an inkjet printer, sublimation papers, sublimation inks and a heat press machine. One of the digital printing methods is sublimation printing, it is used on a variety of hard surface products and polyester T-Shirts. There is a large selection of items that can be printed easily by sublimation. It is a very attractive and popular business these days.

Inkjet printers are mostly compatible with Epson, Sawgrass, Ricoh and some other older inks. If you’re new in sublimation printing then it will be better if you buy a complete package, which will save money than buying the components separately.

You can print so many things with sublimation. Anything light or while colored, made of polyester fabric. You can print on shot glasses, mugs as well if you use mug press machine. Printing on water bottles, ceramic mugs, metals, coasters, glass tiles, poker chips, ceramic tiles, magnetic sheets, mouse pads, car flags, polyester T-Shirts, fabric puzzles and so much more is also possible.

There are some advantages that come with sublimation in digital printing business:

  • Sublimation is one of the very few ways where full colored images can be printed on hard surfaces.
  • Compared with screen printing, it has a low learning curve.
  • There are unlimited colors to choose from. So many colors can be produced with sublimation, it never costs extra if you want to add some other colors to your design.
  • Same cost for printing one product or thousand products. So no need to order minimum and are perfect for promotional items for schools, charities, parties, sports team, small businesses and many more.
  • Full customization and the advantage of digital sublimation is that no plates are needed, so it is best for customized designs, with changing elements like numbers and names.
  • It is a quick and easier way of printing, it can be done on the same day or same hour itself to get the finished product. Also, it is made based on demand so, no scope of wastage or any risk.
  • You get three-dimensional printing.
  • Moreover, it is environment-friendly

With so many advantages of sublimation printing, it is really obvious it has become very popular and a very profitable in the domain of digital printing business.

Coffee Mug
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A look at the Importance of Promotional Coffee Mug Giveaway

Clients and employees both are important for any company, either small or big company they tend to give promotional gifts to their employees to acknowledge their contribution to the company. To boost their energy and morale and to encourage them to work harder than before these corporate giveaways are very helpful. You can also get affordable Corporate Giveaways in Philippines if you know the right place for it.

Nowadays coffee drinking has become a trendy factor, just because it is a societal way to relieves stress. So this a better way to distribute these promotional giveaways of Coffee mugs among clients and employees. This will not only just be appreciable to your employees but it will work as an advertisement every time the clients and employees will use these mugs in front of others.

Imprinted with the logo of your company and address, these customized coffee mugs are the best promotional medium, which is both effective for the receiver and your company. The imprint area on the mug is generally large, displaying a nice size of your company logo or some campaign message. Ceramic mugs are best giveaways for its durability, it runs for a long time, covers years too. People collect coffee mugs for keeping them as a memory that they were a part of, so they handle these mugs with much care to keep the memories preserved.

Other than the obvious use of coffee mugs, there are many different ways of using these mugs in your daily life. As you’ve often seen, company employees use customized coffee mugs as a holder for office accessories like pens, scissors, and paper clips and so on.

You can always use these mugs as a planter for seeds, candle holders for smaller sized candles and tea candles. Corporate gifts come with different ranges and various styles. As corporate giveaway these mugs are ordered in bulk, so the expense is less.

Also promotional mugs can be packaged with various other items as a kit, like ‘Get well’ kit, which can include a thermometer, a mini pack of facial tissues, a packet of instant soup and all or maybe a ‘New join’ kit including, pens, cardholder, writing pads and so on. In a nutshell, getting coffee mugs as corporate giveaway gift is an excellent idea.